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Intelligent Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment solutions

Get all the benefits of EBPP and the tools to manage them

Technology has completely changed our relationship with time, which changes our business processes by creating new customer expectations such as electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), delivered to mobile devices as well as to computers.

Keeping up with the demand for digital solutions requires a partner that can provide the innovative technology, accurate data processing capabilities and safeguards that keep sensitive customer data 100% secure.


Produce digital delivery invoices for seamless e-bill presentment. Take advantage of today’s rapidly expanding multi-channel media outlets to reach your customers with e-bills received through their preferred delivery method, via single sign-on or fully hosted.


Use our customized online bill payment and payment tracking capabilities to save time, postage costs and enhance customer experience. We offer the highest security standards for storing, processing and transmitting your customers’ credit cards and ACH payments.


Enjoy quick and easy document retrieval that ensures customer satisfaction. Customer service representatives can immediately and easily access past statements or bills online anytime in multiple formats and true fidelity, reducing call center costs.

DATAMATX offers an enterprise-wide solution for creating an exact PDF bill or invoice image of your printed documents. Let us help you resolve your customer inquiries quickly with online access to their bill.

DVD’s and CD’s are also available for long-term electronic document storage and retrieval.

Customers who use electronic billing options are known to pay on time and pay more often at a lower cost to your business, which translates into higher profits. DATAMATX makes it easy for you to give your customers the intelligent electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) management tools they need to easily manage every transaction.