Customer Communications Design and Print Services

Respond to the Changing Dynamics of Customer Communications

Every document you produce should engage your audience, hold new revenue opportunities and lower your cost

Research shows that nearly two-thirds of all household bills and statements will be printed and mailed by 2018. Now is the time to evaluate your company’s approach to transactional documents and take advantage of the communication opportunity print delivers.

Let DATAMATX help you find ways to add value to every document you send to customers.

Turn your customer communications into an opportunity to build more profitable relationships by:

Creating a more engaging document using cost-effective color

Including educational details, product information and promotional messages on the statement

Adding larger and more noticeable on-serts and inserts

Including informative newsletters with the advantage of 3 ounces for the 1 ounce rate at no additional postal cost

DATAMATX can help…

Create full color customer communications

Combine printed color statements with omni-channel customer campaigns for higher response

Provide Inkjet print capabilities for lower cost and faster turnaround

Offer MICR check production in a secure environment with signature images maintained in a secure network location

According to an InfoTrends study, one out of three consumers has reverted back to paper bills and statements after going paperless. Why? There are many reasons: a hard copy for their records, a reminder to pay their bills or simply security.