Document Mail Distribution Services

When we mail, you save

Take advantage of the most cost-efficient mailstream options the USPS offers

DATAMATX is proud of its close affiliation with the USPS and its status as a premier business partner as well as being the FIRST business mailer to earn the rigorous USPS Platinum Full Service Certification.

Our knowledge and expertise gives your company the highest postage discounts possible and delivery optimization that will significantly grow your bottom line.

We offer the following mailing services:

IMb Tracing™

IMb Tracing is a service that provides real-time tracking information for your automation-compatible letters and flats, giving

advance notice for both incoming and outgoing mail.

  • Destination IMb Tracing service (for outgoing mail) gives you advance information about when your mailpieces will

reach their destination.

  • Origin IMb Tracing service (for incoming mail) lets you anticipate when customers’ checks, replies, or orders are on the

way back to you.

IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) ®

With IMb, you reap the greatest postal discounts available as well as enhanced accuracy, control and visibility of your mailings.

Move Update

Maintain the highest quality of address accuracy to keep in compliance with the new USPS Move Update standards. No more wasted money and paper on undeliverable-as-addressed mailpieces.

IntelliAddress Optimization System

IntelliAddress uses the latest USPS software like NCOALink®, a service that obtains real-time change of address information to update your mailing addresses before you mail.

ACS™ Service

ACS service helps meet the needs of business mailers by providing a cost-effective means of obtaining accurate change-of-address (COA) information. ACS service saves you time and money by reducing the amount of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail pieces. ACS reduces the need to manually key address changes and eliminates other labor-intensive and expensive steps involved in address change operations.