Achieve the highest customer engagement, cost control and security

Customers now expect to choose from a broad array of secure payment channels, resulting in the need for greater flexibility, convenience and real-time information. Look to DATAMATX for e-payment solutions that offer everything you need, including secure payment and tracking, mobile payment options and electronic archiving.

DATAMATX can support the ePAYMENT solution that best suits your framework by:

  • Hosting your branded payment site, managing enrollment, authentication and user management
  • Hosting your payment partner’s site within your website framework
  • Offering mobile payment applications
  • Offering Pay by IVR

Our security measures = your peace mind

Security, especially in light of the numerous public breaches, is a valid concern when implementing EBPP. At DATAMATX, our electronic billing solutions offer security features that include data confidentiality, biller authentication, and non-repudiation of bills. These measures ensure that all confidential information remains intact.

DATAMATX is independently audited and has passed the rigorous Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI-DSS 3.1. This means all credit card information is secure.

DATAMATX is independently audited and has passed the SSAE 16 SOC 2 examination, which ensures all outsourced documents are handled in a secure, reliable and stable environment with strict process controls in place.

DATAMATX is also a member of NACHA and CeBP