What Can Color Do for Your Business?

What Can Color Do for Your Business?

Statistics show that the use of color for brands delivers many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Improves comprehension and retention by as much as 82 percent.
  • Accelerates turnaround and increases response.
  • Information is located 70 percent faster if it’s in color.

An effective tool for using color to differentiate your company are your invoices and statements! A recent study by InfoTrends “Insights into the Transactional Communications Market” indicated that 41 percent of companies responding have already redesigned their statements to improve clarity and 34 percent of the consumers polled wanted providers to use color to emphasize important information.

Loretta Chatagnier, President/CEO of Eastex Federal Credit Union, has experienced the benefits of the use of color on the statements it sends to it members. “Color has increased the value of our member statements by generating awareness of our marketing campaigns, which in turn generates more engagement. Eastex is proof that the research is correct—color delivers value.”

With the potential full-color documents have for producing positive benefits in a cost-effective way, it makes sense to start thinking about what it would take to begin producing your business communications in full color. Talk to DATAMATX about adding color to your transactional documents. We think you will be surprised at how affordable and beneficial color statements can be!