Paper Statements—an Asset in Your Hand

Paper Statements—an Asset in Your Hand

Although the continued increase in postal rates may be driving organizations to step up the migration of using electronic documents and delivery channels in place of paper statements, companies may want to consider the full range of advantages that paper documents still offer. Chief among these advantages is that paper continues to be a customer preference even in these days of instantaneous electronic communication.

Reports show an overwhelming majority—between 85 to 90 percent—of consumers still prefer to receive statements in the mail and also pay bills with a paper check! It’s true. The primary reasons are:

  • I want a hard copy for my records
  • It is a reminder to pay my bill
  • It is a security precaution

Invoices and statements are often the main point of contact between a company and its customers. Statements—unlike other forms of mail—are most often read and commonly kept on file, making them worth their weight in marketing advantages. Today technology makes it possible to differentiate these documents with personalized content that targets specific groups for cross-selling and up-selling new and additional services. Companies can find an advantage and innovation using some of the tried and tested mechanisms developed over time in the printing and mailing industry. The USPS provides a wide range of software tools dedicated to just that purpose.

Used together, these advanced addressing and tracking capabilities help to ensure that mail goes out at the lowest possible rate, and that the statements reach the intended recipient. But there are even more benefits. Organizations can also verify mail delivery and synchronize delivery with telemarketing or other promotional efforts.

Take advantage of our expert resources

Some companies may still print and mail statements internally. However, not every business can (or needs to) be an expert in postal discounts, mail piece tracking, document composition and the all-important privacy issues we face today. In fact, as postal regulations and software applications become more sophisticated, this part of a business often requires a higher level of expertise to operate efficiently—and most important, cost effectively.

DATAMATX is committed to investing in the latest equipment and software applications to keep up-to-date with leading-edge technologies and expertise in order to provide the highest levels of service for our clients at the lowest possible cost.

When it comes to “getting the statements out” every company should consider the advantages of the traditional paper process and the resources we have available to you.